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When an expert eye is needed on a subject matter, then consultancy is the answer to get the right assistance. You have to know when to ask for coaching services or consultancy ones, as both are crucial for your development and your problem-solving endeavor. Through my consultancy services, I will offer you expertise advice, well-tailored tools that you need and a teaching approach to execute required deliverables by providing you with significant technical and professional advice. Contact me, if you are seeking advice of any of the below spheres;


  • Hospitality: 

 Hotel and Restaurant openings (critical path to Opening)  

 Manning (pre-opening and operating workforce) 

 Organizational structure and People strategy 

  • Human resources: 

Consult on all topics related to strategic matters as well as operational Human Resources related but not limited to: Policies and procedures, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Compensations and Benefits, Talent Management and pipelining, Job analysis and job design, organization development and culture. 

  • Talent acquisition:


I am specialized as an employment expert, whereby I recruit talent from entry-level to senior program administrators. This can only be successful with an ensured ability to tailor specific sourcing strategy and by making sound judgments on workforce planning to optimize financial sustainability. That is where I bring value to your organization.

  • Women in leadership

Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy that concentrates on equipping women in the workforce. The purpose is to drive their career into leadership roles and overcome all challenges they face from work life balance, confidence, motivation, to improving their communication skills, personal brand and their leadership ability.   

  • Back to basic training kit

includes orientation, on boarding, telephone techniques, basics of customer service, upselling techniques and all those basic training to get started on the right foot in any service industry

Consultation on Tablet
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